A New Year

It's been a bit since I've reached out to all of you. Not sure anyone was asking but...wink. 

As most of you have seen I got the Road Song E.P. released without any hiccups. It was a long time coming. I spent some time trying to figure out branding and promotion. It's always a work in progress, but it's easier to promote something rather than nothing. Now, Road Song is getting radio airplay on multiple platforms. The next step is brand recognition. The logo on the album is going to be pressed to stickers, hats and shirts. So, get ready to promote. 

I would like to thank a Mike and Joellen Whetstone for their amazing support. They are a staple in the Cincinnati music community. If you haven't met them. They are pretty damn awesome. Always going above and beyond to help artists in Cincinnati. Also, Elton Clifton. Such an amazing engineer and all around player. Road Song would not have the life that it has without him. For his guidance and engineering I'm eternally grateful. 

Finally. I'm reaching out to festivals and venues to line up dates for 2020. I will still be playing bar and restaurant shows to pay the bills while I launch a more direct focus on promoting my original music. At some point I will be leaving the "cover gig" promotion behind. Exploring other revenue streams outside of playing music live as well. 

Thank all of you for your continued support. Please continue to share my music. This early in my career it's a numbers game. It's better to have 200 people willing to come to a show than 200 units sold of Road Song. So, share, share, share. 

Much love to you all. 


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